Acid Wash

When to Acid Wash a Pool or Spa?

Green Pool, Acid Wash or Chlorine Wash?
If the pool has recently turned green then a chlorine wash should bleach out the algae growth. If the pool has been sitting for an extended period of time developing black algae growth deep into the plaster then an acid wash is necessary to get the stained algae off the walls.

Pools with Stained, Yellow and/or Dull Plaster
Over time a pools plaster gets discolored and stained as a result of mineral build up in the water. This process is accelerated when a pool is not maintained properly and consistently drained about every 5 years. An acid wash will take your old looking pool and make it look new again. It removes stains of various types of stains: dirt stains, iron stains, mineral stains, chlorine stains and calcium build up.

What is Acid Wash Pool Cleaning?

An acid wash is a popular choice for Las Vegas pool and spa owners for removing tough stains from plaster and Pebble Tec pools. An acid wash consists of a mixture of water and muriatic acid.  The acid makes contact with the pool’s surface and gently removes a small layer, revealing a fresh layer of plaster underneath.  This type of cleaning is intense and best-suited for removing tough surface stains from plaster and Pebble Tec.

From time to time, even the best kept pools will need to have an acid wash performed. Tiles and plaster may become stained and lose the glorious luster it once had.  Algae can grow rampant despite other cleaning methods and eventually an acid may be the solution to your pool cleaning worries.  can easily diagnose your problem and proceed with the proper cleaning method.


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