Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning and Repair


We specialize in removing those stubborn Calcium deposits most pool owners struggle with. Our specialized equipment can safely remove those stains quickly and effectively, and your pool tile can look bright and clean, almost like new again.

Your Pool Tile Gets Calcium From 2 Sources

It will bleed through the grout from the underlying surface, if that surface was not properly sealed before the tile was installed. These are the areas where the Calcium appears to be dripping out of the grout lines. These areas can be treated, but unfortunately the reoccurrence can’t be stopped. These areas will require periodic treatment to keep these areas clean.
It can also accumulate at the waterline if the PH (acid level) of the pool water is allowed to be too high for too long. This is that white line that is present at the waterline. This can also be easily cleaned, and they can be kept in check with proper PH balance.

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